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H-Seal Dimensions

Conflat Dimensions

Conflat Gaskets

Bostec CF Gaskets

Precision machined for ultra-pure and corrosive applications.

Solid nicket, copper or aluminum, dead-soft annealed. Sizes from 0.5" to 17". Custom sizes at no extra cost.

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Revolutionary Metal H-Seal System



The first metal seal interchangeable with elastomeric o-rings.

Enables a single gland component to be used for both elastomeric and metal applications. 100% reliable, easy to integrate, impermeable to moisture, cryogenic to 500+ºC.

Hundreds of stock sizes in nickel, copper or aluminum.
Custom sizes also available.

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Contact our technical staff to discuss your sealing issues     424-212-7575

Multi-Sided Metal Seals

Bostec Manufacturing & Human Inspection

Virtually any shape.

Knife-edged seal performance in square, rectangular or multi-sided shapes. Solid nickel, copper or aluminum, dead-soft annealed.

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Short Run & Custom Seals

Bostec Custom Seals

Rapid prototyping service.

Let us help you with custom shapes or sizes. Nearly half of all seals we manufacture are produced to custom dimensions. In many cases, custom designs cost no more than standard seals. Talk to our technical staff about developing just the right seal for your application. Check out our 5 step rapid prototype process.

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