The world's most reliable metal seals – guaranteed 100%

Precision-engineered for ultra high vacuum and pressure

Designed to minimize compression forces, reduce fasteners and shrink footprint.

Specialists in Particle Accelerators, Beam Lines, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Fusion, Aerospace, Outer Space, Oilfield and SEMI.

C-seal Drop-in Replacement

100% reliable
No change to your gland
Custom sizes in 4-6 weeks

5 Metal Seal Platforms + Optimization Laboratory

Standard CF Gasket Sizes in Stock

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Custom Engineered Designs


Shoulder Seals

XE Seals

Multi-Sided Seals

Exotic Materials

Bostec Full Metal Seals Force Testing Laboratory

Metal Seal Performance and Optimization Laboratory

Large Scale Projects

Particle Acccelerators

Nuclear Power



HiRim® Technology

HiRim® CF Gasket

A Radically Better CF Gasket, Designed for Super-UHV