Custom Engineered Metal Seals


Bostec excels at seamlessly integrating UHV metal seals into OEM products and advanced scientific research projects, prioritizing a minimal footprint and low compressive force to save space and weight, while maintaining the highest level of vacuum and sealing integrity.

Our extensive expertise spans a spectrum of materials including nickel, copper, aluminum, titanium, niobium, ceramics, explosion bonded metals, NEG coatings, and beyond. Your compact, lightweight solution, crafted with precision and ingenuity.

Bostec works with customers in all these areas:

  • Particle Accelerators: UHV metal seals are essential for maintaining the ultra-high vacuum conditions required in particle accelerators for scientific research and experiments.
  • Fusion Research: In nuclear fusion experiments and reactors, UHV metal seals help maintain vacuum conditions for plasma containment and energy generation.
  • Outer Space: UHV metal seals are used in space exploration and satellite technology to ensure a vacuum in space and protect sensitive equipment from harsh space environments.
  • Beam Lines: Beamlines in synchrotron facilities and other research institutions utilize UHV metal seals to control and direct particle beams with precision.
  • SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International): The semiconductor industry relies on UHV metal seals for manufacturing and processing equipment used in chip fabrication.
  • Oilfield Equipment: UHV metal seals are used in downhole tools and equipment to create a vacuum for drilling and exploration processes in the oil and gas industry.

Problems We Solve:

  • Reduce footprint
  • Reduce weight
  • Reduce force
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce fasteners
  • CTE mismatch
  • Requires multi-sided design
  • Achieve higher vacuum levels
*C-Seal replacement

XE Seals

  • C-Seal replacement
  • 100% reliable
  • Reduced force
  • Lower Cost


  • Small footprint
  • Low force
  • Small dead volume


  • Adapts to Marmon and chain-clamp flanges
  • Shoulder designs are self-p…


  • Fits off-round shapes
Bostec Custom Precision UHV Metal Seals

Conflat (CF) Gaskets

  • HiRim® Technology
  • 100% Reliable — Money back guarantee

Exotic Materials

Wide range of materials to match flange and gasket CTEs for high temp baking.

Extensive Product Scope: In developing a custom engineered solution, we draw from the four basic categories of metal seals we manufacture and utilize a range of exotic and special metals ideal for extreme UHV. Our seals types all derive from H-Seals, which we developed and patented in the late 1990’s. We continue to refine H-Seal technology and have many variations, which are proprietary.

Based On Research We recently completed a six-month evaluation program to measure force and penetration values of our seals as well as our competitor’s designs. Our goal was to understand the full range of metal sealing options available, and catalog their relevant design parameters for comparison. We currently have the most comprehensive database in existence of force and performance data covering all basic metal seal designs. For the purposes of designing complex new super-UHV seals for nuclear, outer space or other extreme conditions, our data is invaluable.

Particle Acccelerators

Nuclear Power



Let us know if you have special needs not covered by our catalog parts. We are always ready to work with you to address your most challenging UHV or UHP projects.