Diamond Seals

Narrow, Efficient Profile––Can Be Used in Tight Spaces

Diamond seals are used extensively in flat flanges throughout nuclear particle accelerators. Diamond seals are easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. The seals are mostly made of aluminum and a Marman clamp allows the two flat cylindrical interface flanges to be simply clamped together with a ring clamp. Marman clamps are also used extensively in spaceflight systems and a are common mechanical load-transfer and clamping mechanisms for connecting the upper stage and the satellite payload of space vehicles. They may also be used to join stages of a booster rocket.

Bostec manufactures an extensive range of Diamond seals in aluminum, copper and other materials in sizes from 4 inches OD to over 36 inches OD. Contact us for more information.


Easy to Use — Reliable — Inexpensive

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