How to Order Bostec XE and H-Seals

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OnLine Ordering:

Bostec manufactures CF gaskets in standard ASTM sizes from CF1 to CF20 as well as off-standard variants. Our CF gaskets are offered in the HiRim configuration, which is superior to standard flat CF gaskets.

You may order these off-the-shelf right from our website.



Custom Dimensions & Applications:

XE-Seals, H-Seals, Shoulder seals and Multi-Sides seals are all made to custom sizes based on customer requirements.

Sizings to 60″ and beyond. H-Seals, Shoulder Seals, Multi-sided Seals. Provide some details on your project, the environment you are dealing with and your concerns and we’ll have one of our engineers contact you.

We publish standard dimensions for both XE and H-Seals based on elastomeric O-ring sizes that have long been industry standards. These dimensions are starting points for our customers to begin their development efforts.


Where to Start? 

Metals seals are far more complex to design in than O-rings because of factors such as crush forces, CTE differences, very high temperatures, reactive gasses, ultra-high vacuum or ultra high pressure. All are variables beyond the capability of elastomeric O-rings but the size standards are useful starting places.

Generally our customers want their metal seals to carry as small a footprint as possible, have the lowest crush force, the smallest fasteners, the least CTE delta, and so on. Each application is different and our goal at Bostec is to find the optimum combination of variables that make for the most reliable and easiest to install metal seal for your situation.

So start with our standard dimensions and work with us to develop the ideal metal seal for your junction. As we iterate through our force tests, we will give you the best gasket to flange material combination and the ideal gland profile.