If you’ve had persistent problems with your Okuma CNC lathes,
I want to hear from you.

We might be able to help each other.

We purchased two new Okuma Genos 400 CNC lathes 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with them. Turret drift, drive and spindle failures, persistent error codes, bad circuit boards, leaking pans and so on. These are brand new machines purchased from Okuma’s SoCal dealer, Gosiger, and we have trouble keeping them running consistently.

We make precision parts for UHV, semiconductors and outer space, and we need these machines to stay in tight tolerance for long runs.

We are constantly calling the Gosiger service techs to come fix some problem with these machines. But they only make patchwork repairs that don’t solve the problem.

There have been so many issues we feel like the machines are lemons. We aren’t getting any help from Okuma or Gosiger. We are very frustrated and about ready to ask for our money back.

If you have had similar trouble with Okuma CNC machines or Gosiger, I would like to hear from you. Maybe we can share experiences and find a way to get our machines repaired once and for all.

Call or text me anytime. My cell is below.


Thomas W. Kristy, CEO
(310) 245-5963