X-Energized Seals

100% reliable drop-in replacement for C-seals or spring-energized seals

Drop-In Replacement — Low Compression — High Assembly Yields

If you have C-seal reliability problems, X-Energized seals are drop in replacements for 2.5 x 10-10 torr performance at 1 x 10-11 leak rate (atm-cc/ sec He) 100% of the time. Guaranteed.

X-Energized seals require far less compression force than C-seals, which reduces bolt loads and allows the use of smaller and fewer fasteners.

Sizes from 0.75” to 36”. Force testing services available to help you dial in fastener sizes and spacing. If you have urgent C-seal installation and yield problems to solve, we can generally produce custom replacement XEnergized seals in a matter of a few weeks. Call us and we’ll help you.

For aluminum flanges, forces are low enough to allow aluminum fasteners (which do not nuclear activate).


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